Winter Wonderland

Alaska is 663,330 square miles. On a regular map it doesn’t look that impressive but when compared to the rest of the country? It’s a pretty expansive state!

With a state being so large there’s a ton of different climates and temperatures. No, we don’t live in igloos and no it’s not freezing the entire year, but this year has been particularly cold nation-wide, and Alaska is no exception. On Kodiak and SE Alaska (ex: Juneau) the weather is much more mild, with a lot of rain and cloudy days, similar to the PNW. But this year we have actually gotten snow!

For me, it doesn’t seem fair to suffer through a cold winter if there is no snow. That’s just cold and miserable then! When there’s snow you can at least go sledding! Last year we had a freak snowfall in September and then nothing much after that. This year, Aurora has been able to enjoy snow!

Poor girl was trying to make a snow angel but the wind kept blowing the snow up into her face and she would sit up. The wind was extremely cold but she had a blast playing in that pile of snow in the area behind my classroom.

Hopefully the snow continues so we can go sledding this weekend. She would absolutely love that! And I’ll actually be able to enjoy the weekend since there’s no cheer practice and no games that we need to cheer at! Yahoo!!

Stay warm out there!

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