Why Wait?

Why is everything in life wait? I seem to be hearing that word a lot. Wait. Wait a few years. Wait until your older. Wait until you have your career (however long that may be)… But what are we really waiting for?

Are we waiting so that we can have every minute of our lives planned out? Are we trying to obtain some order to our lives by waiting to live?

One of the beautiful things we realized while traveling was that we DIDN’T have to wait. If we wanted to drive 300 miles away just for the hell of it, we did. If we wanted to spend a couple of weeks out in the desert we got plenty of food and water, and we dissapeared. I didn’t have to wait to “take time off of work” or “wait for next year when I have more time”

Flowers at Edgefield McMenamins

We didn’t have to wait for anyone but ourselves. Are we to wait so that our lives pass us by? Wait until we are so old and brittle that we can no longer do the things we waited so long to do?

I don’t think so. And that may be why I’m sure some people think I’m crazy. But if I want to travel around the country for a year I’m not going to wait until I’m old and my knees hurt and I can’t hike the Grand Canyon. On the contrary. I hope to hike trails in my youth and do it all over again numerous times throughout my life.

If I want to have my cake and eat it too, I will. I’m not going to wait for someone to take it from me or for it to get moldy and inedible.

What are we waiting for? That next pay check so it can be spent on a night on the town that you won’t remember in the morning? Or spend your life living each moment to its fullest potential so when you sit on your death-bed you can look back and say “yeah, there where some rough patches but I sure did have a bad-ass life…”

utah desert

I’m not waiting. I’m living my life how I think it should be lived. We learn by trial and error. Yes listen to those older and wiser than yourself, but first think, has this person lived a life I would like to model mine after?

Stop waiting, your life is ready to be lived! NOW. You never know when today may be your last day.


-Ay and Jay
(In memory of my father. May his soul rest in peace.)

April 26, 2013

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