Whale Watching

Jay and I got INCREDIBLY lucky when we got off the road at a scenic pull off. There were a few people there and we drove to one side of the parking lot and noticed that everyone was leaning over the railing. There were a few people with cameras on tripods looking at the water as well. I asked if there was anything good (knowing of course there was, why else do people cram and look at the same space?) and they said “yeah there’s a couple of whales over a ways.”

I squealed in excitement! I quickly ran to where the people where crowded and saw that there indeed were two whales there. Off the coast of Oregon, between Newport and Lincoln City there is a population of resident Grey Whales that stays there year round. How Exciting!

I immediately ignored the fence, ducked under it where everyone else did, and billy goated on the rocks to get a better view. They where so close and so big! I immediately regretted not bringing my wet suit… I had the greatest urge to jump in with the giant creatures. They were so close I could climb down the rocks and go pet them…

This is what we saw…



It was very exciting getting to see the whales so up close. It seemed like they were feeding from their behavior and they stayed around that area for a good amount of time. Probably good eating. If you’re ever near Depoe Bay, try to get a glimpse. There are also whale watching boats that will take you out to go see whales, probably increasing your chances of seeing them. I think Jay and I just got really lucky seeing them that close near the rocks. Very exciting! Happy Travels!


August 5, 2012

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