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Oregon is a beautiful place if you’ve never been there. There is such a difference between the east and the west side of the state but both have such beauty to offer.oregon

The best part of traveling with a toddler has to be their excitement for everything. But if you have ever had a toddler, this excitement tends to be there whether you’re traveling or not. I loved taking Aurora to see the water. She absolutely loves the water and I wish it was warm enough for me to just let her run into it. She loves to splash and feel the sand and pebbles between her fingers and toes.

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One wonderful thing about driving a different route though is seeing different stuff! This route took us through some incredible wildlife. I was able to see various elk herds but nothing like at Dean Creek. The feeling I am about to describe might be one you are familiar with. You’re driving along. There’s nothing to see. The landscape has the same dull monotony of the past 50 miles. But then, suddenly, you see a deer/sheep/elk/moose sign. You immediately perk up with the anticipation of seeing some wildlife. One mile gone. Two miles gone. Ten miles gone. You sink back into your seat and blankly stare out the window. Oh the wildlife signs….how deceiving you are…..

But not here! Not at Deans Creek! Here they notify you with an elk sign, and off to the side, what might you see? An elk! Really! A bunch of elk! I was so ecstatic you cannot imagine. Jay immediately pulled over and I jumped out with the camera. These where some photogenic bulls who were more than happy to show me their good side!

Oregon ElkIMG_3827 (1024x683)The interior route in Oregon is not one we did during our last trip through Oregon. It was a beautiful route and a great one to do with our little one. Now on to the coast!

-Ay and Jay

January 18, 2016

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