Although not yet on the road, we have been in the van 15 nights and it is wonderful! I’m not sure what other people think of futon mattresses but this one is great. A bit on the firm side since it compressed but extremely comfortable. Best sleep Jay and I have had in a long time!

And to add to the wonderful sleeping conditions, we have completely blacked out our van with thermal curtains from Target ($9) which will is great because they are super thick, black, and will help with temperature control.

Besides the curtains, we have added a few organizational items, and a few more homely items!

The van is almost completely ‘home’ now especially since it has a name. Jay and I decided on Walden as the name. Can anyone think of why? A bit of history if you didn’t know: Henry David Thoreau wrote a book named Walden which is actually a lake in Massachusettes. He strived for simple living while living which is exactly what Jay and I strive to do. Except while living in a van and traveling around the country.

-Ay and Jay

November 27, 2011

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