Van Conversion Part V: Electrical

YAY! Jay finally got the electrical all set up! Well, for the most part. The last remaining part of the electrical is the alternator to the two house batteries. But the solar panels got connected to the batteries. We also got the battery box all set up, with a great seal for any off gasing.

Battery box, Notice the window lock to put some good pressure and really seal that box. White PVC pipe is the vent which leads out the window

Jay got everything all nicely wired and connected to the batteries. There are still a few loose wires which are waiting to be connected to a receptacle.

Fuse block on the left, PVC vent from battery box, and charge controller above PVC on top right corner

And last but not least…

Remote Meter so we can see how much power our panels are producing!

And check out Jays wonderful eye for detail.

Can you see the wires?

So the electrical is all set up and when we woke up this morning we had fresh power being made! Woo hoo!! Getting much closer to being ready to leave!

-Ay and Jay

December 21, 2011

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