Van Conversion Part IV: Solar Panels

Thanks to a good friend we were able to acquire solar panels much sooner than expected. Our friend was kind enough to donate these solar panels that he didn’t use. Very kind donation. Jay was able to get them mounted to the roof rack and now they are up on Walden!

Check out the huaraches!

So the panels were mounted underneath the rack so if the need arise, we could still put stuff on the rack. Of course the solar panels would be shaded,  but at least the panels wouldn’t have to be removed from the roof.

We will also be adding a fairing to deflect the wind above the panels. This will keep the wind out from under the panels which will keep them from shaking and hopefully they won’t fly off the roof!

The fuse block has also been installed and set up. Some wires have been run throughout the van and batteries will be purchased tomorrow! The charge controller will also be installed, along with the batteries, and the battery box.  The fridge we are looking at will be ordered soon, but it may be cold enough that we can avoid the purchase of the fridge. We think a cooler on the van might suffice as a temporary refrigerator!

-Ay and Jay

December 15, 2011

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