Van Conversion Part III

Little by little the van is coming together. We have gotten most of everything necessary in the van and the other things we have to go through are in a small storage. The bed arrived and is incredibly comfortable!  We decided for an American made Gold Bond 8″ thick cotton mattress.

Jay built the sliding drawer that will go under the bed, a “toilet” for any emergencies, and all the storage drawers are in place and velcroed down.

A close friend was also kind enough to donate some solar pannels towards our trip plans. Ironically enough, we had planned on getting solar pannels so when he offered them to us it was greatly appreciated. Hopefully they will be set up on the roof of the van soon!

We ordered up some sleeping bags from Wiggy’s which, again, are American made. The bags are zipper compatible so we can zip them together and sleep snuggled up while camping. They are super warm and super comfortable and fit perfect in our hiking packs.

Conversion has slightly slowed down since most of the major conversion is done. The main project now is organizing the mess in the van!

-Ay and Jay

November 5, 2011

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