Van Conversion Part II

A lot was done to our little van over the weekend. I’m actually really impressed with the progress and how good it’s looking. We finished the bed platform, made cut outs to black out the windows, and we are almost done building our cabinets! The sink still needs a little work but it is coming along nicely. Here are the pics of this weekends progress.

Counter top with access to stove and water jugs which lead to the sink on door side.
Sink made out of a stainless steel bowl
storage next to bed
Another counter top. Box is where the refrigerator will be located.

Overall, a very productive weekend. Probably the most I’ve used power tools and I wasn’t too bad. Fortunately I have a general knowledge around tools thanks to my dad (he’s a contractor) and Jay was a really good and patient teacher. More pictures will be coming soon with more finalized projects.

-Ay and Jay

October 23, 2011

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