The Road Leads to Idaho

Sorry for the lack of posting. We have not had many adventures while working the summer job. Just a few hikes and such but nothing of astronomical importance. But, our adventures in Colorado have ended. The wildfires, impending wildfires, and dryness of the high Colorado mountains ended our stay before we had anticipated. But now, we have moved onto Idaho. But we did have a wonderful sunset the night before we left…

We have now traveled to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to visit a new part of the country. Since the entire country seems to be on fire, the only real option was to go north and try to escape some of the heat!

Most people think, Idaho? What is there in Idaho? Are you over there digging up potatoes?? And unfortunately, the beautiful parts of Idaho are wrapped up in that misconseption. It is absolutely beautiful up here. There are wonderful trees, great natural lakes, plenty of biking, running, and hiking trails, and the people are absolutely wonderful! And so are the sunsets!

When we first arrived Jay and I tried to find the “bad neighborhood” in town so we could avoid it. We looked, and asked and could not find one. There doesn’t seem to be any “ghetto” areas in Coeur D’Alene that we could find. Spokane, Washington (accross the border) is a completely different story though…

The Kootenai County Farmers Market is absolutely wonderful. They have very strict rules for the vendors as to what they can sell so it doesn’t become a flea market. Everything is hand made, hand grown, or has been purchased and modified and to be sold six weeks after the original purchase.

So there is a lot of produce, hand grown plants, herbs, and small trees for sale. Local honey, hand crafted woodwork, hand spun yarn, carpets, pottery, knitted hats, antler knives, home made fudge, home grown lamb meat for sale, hand crafted wooden bowls, and so much more!

Hand spun, hand dyed yarn from local sheep. She then knits wonderful things with it, or sells the yarn itself.

And the best part is that everyone is so willing to help and sincerly kind. They are all very nice and helpful, welcoming us to their town. It is still hot though, so we will be heading over to the local beach soon!

-Ay and Jay

July 22, 2014

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