Teaching in Alaska Day 99-103

This week was incredibly long. It could have been some last minute lesson planning on my part, having parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, some late nights with the kiddos, or the fact that I started out the week by realizing I had lost misplaced my keys on Sunday. Luckily I had just left them in the school weight room and they got turned into the front office that morning.

It was a long week but it was nice to end my Friday without cheer practice or any games. Instead there is a village tournament going on this weekend while our teams are away on the mainland. It’s always nice when we don’t have games….what will I do with my Saturday afternoon?

Daily posts for week 6

Day 99: A day late…You know it’s a Monday when 1) you forget to post your daily post 2) you start the day off by losing your very important school keys…and then thankfully having them be turned in to the front office!

Day 100: while playing a Kahoot review game someones nickname was Tom Brady…it was rather appropriate considering last weekends super bowl outcome. 😂

Day 101: Parent teacher conferences. I took the opportunity to exercise my rusty Spanish skills with a parent. He “Likes my style” and was very impressed with my skills!

Day 102: Co-worker: It must be nice being able to dress so casually being the fisheries teacher, grunge… wait. That doesn’t sound right. What I’m trying to say….
Me: hahah I get it. I dress very casual, and honestly, if I wasn’t the fisheries teacher I’d probably dress the same way.
Co-Worker: I’m sorry, I was trying to give you a compliment and it just came out wrong.
Me: Totally not offended. 😀

(I tend to go to school in jeans, Xtra-tufs, and either a flannel, hoodie, or t-shirt)

Day 103: Somehow, while talking with a coworker about life, getting old, and gray hair, we somehow got on the topic of how boobs get saggy after breastfeeding….and (this is new information to me) apparently, you can test how ‘saggy’ your breasts are based on how many pencils you can ‘hold’ with your saggy boob while bra-less.

Next week will be a short week, with only three days with students. Thursday and Friday will consist of district-wide inservice. I’m actually looking forward to the sessions for this inservice! There is a variety of different sections to choose from and I’m hoping they’re as beneficial is the description makes them seem!

Have a great weekend!

-Ay and Jay

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