Teaching in Alaska Day 94

What a fun filled Monday! Today was thoroughly entertaining in more than one way! Most of the morning students finished up their group presentations on Alaska’s Biomes: The temperate rainforest, the Boreal Forest (or Taiga), and the tundra. A few kids had to take a quiz that they missed on Friday but most were working on the last touches to their group and individual presentations. Click below for my Alaska Biomes Lesson Plan.

Land Biomes Project
Biome student sheet

example presentations
Boreal Forest Presentation
Prezi Student Presentation

At the 3rd period dismissal bell there is a loud bang at my door which leads to the outside. Another teacher says to me “Do you know anything about this cat? There’s a kitten out here too.” All you have to do is say the word ‘kitten’ and every highschooler within ear shot comes running out the door.

Kitten? Where!?

The 5 minutes thereafter resulted in about 10 kids, outside, with a box, trying to catch said kitten. “it’s so cold outside! It’ll freeze!” It has fur you know….brought to mind the incident where someone put a bison in their car…. because it was cold….

Luckily, they were unsuccessful at catching the cat. hopefully its mother comes back to get it.

Then I end up with 5 students in my room. Now, I don’t mind having kids in my room because it lets us talk and get to know each other outside of teacher and student, it just never happens! Mainly because my room is so far from the cafeteria and the ‘central hub’ of the school. Two of the students were finishing up their biome poster and the other 3 were just hanging out.

One student asks me “Mrs. Brown, how do you do it?”
“How do I do what?”
“How do you deal with these three all in one period?” referring to the other students there in the classroom with him.
No response…..hahah. They are great kids but gosh, when you put them together they sure are a handful!

THEN during lunch a parent of one of my students posts something about another teacher on a Say What You Want group for our city. And oh my goodness!!! Everyone jumped in on this one, including the students!

All you need to do in this town is leave a post open-ended like this for the town to voice there opinion. As of now I don’t know what has happened most parents are very displeased with this. Not so much for removing the flag but the fact that the teacher laughed at them for doing the pledge, when she decided not to.

In this technology and social media driven world so much happens and people are not very scared to share their opinions. As a teacher I do like to keep my opinion to myself and as difficult as it is, I try to post very limited information on social media.

After school I had to run to the front office to pick up my W2 then run to cheer practice. All this week we’re hosting a cheer camp for 1st-8th grade students and they’ll get to perform at a varsity basketball game on Saturday. We’re teaching them movements, tumbling, jumps and a cheer. So we had 20 little kids (yes, we had boys!) all running around learning how to cheer! It was a lot of fun and hopefully the rest of the week goes as smoothly as today did!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


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