Teaching in Alaska Day 94-98

How is it February already?! This was, overall, a pretty good week. We did group presentations on Alaska’s biomes and we’ve learned about how to classify various species of fish. It’s been an exhausting week running a week long cheer camp. Our little campers will perform today, Friday, at our Varsity Basketball game. It was a good note to end on though with a soup-r-bowl party during lunch time. Staff brought in a favorite soup to share and people placed their votes as to which soup they liked the best. It was a fun event with about 11 different soups! From corn chowder to curry. There was even ice cream soup! (aka, melted ice cream. Someone’s clever!)

But week number 5 is done and it will be nice to have regular cheer practice as we prepare for state competition. We will also have guest speakers coming into the class to discuss the fishing industry and their careers in it. The snow is starting to melt and the skies have been blue and clear with the forecast suggesting a continuation of this trend. We can only hope the sun is here to stay for a while!

Daily posts for week 5

Day 94: There’s too much in this Monday to just have a daily post… (read the whole Monday excitement here)

Day 95: What a better way to introduce classification than through an online game. It was really funny to hear my students say “this is hard! Wait, that’s a fish?!?!”
Play the game here! Let me know how you did in the comments!

Day 96: Thank you Mrs. Gandel for taking almost all of my advisory students today during advisory to work on McBeth. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to eat the Cinnabon that my student brought me from Anchorage.

Day 97: student “I wish every class was like this. Then I’d actually like school.
Me and another student: “how is this class different from other classes?”
Student: “Because you sas us Mrs. Brown.”

Day 98: Co-Worker “All this week students have been calling me Mrs. Brown!”
Me “Last year they all called me Mrs. Horn!”
Co-Worker “And I was here an entire year before you! Gosh, you take one semester off for maternity leave and they forget all about you!”
Gave us both a good laugh.

Happy Weekend everyone!

-Ay and Jay


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