Teaching in Alaska Day 89-93

This week was absurdly long, yet fast at the same time. So many things happened and not so much in a good way. With night time potty training and a teething 8 month old our nights are pretty restless which leads to long, tiring days. Tuesday the blog went down which had us on the phone for over 2 hours trying to fix it. Ultimately we had to change from HostGator to GoDaddy to get our sight back. Thanks for the skam. HostGator…

Either way, Here are the highlights of my long teaching week. Fourth week of second semester done! Where did the month of January go?!

Daily posts for week 4

Day 89: Student: Mrs. Brown, did you participate in the women’s march this weekend?
Me: No. No I did not.

Day 90: what gets a class of boys quiet and paying attention in class? A video about a pod of orcas tearing away a blue whale calf from its mother and then only eating the lower jaw.

Day 91: Student whispers this to me as he stands at my desk. “Mrs. Brown. Can I go get something from my truck?”
Me: “Depends what it is”
Student: “uhh, it’s potatoes.”

Day 92: as a student hands me an unexcused tardy pass, 40 minutes into class…
Me: where were you!
Student: uhh, well, my body felt really heavy…..and I just closed my eyes….and….

Day 93: I totally handed a student the answer key to their test. It must be Friday…

Hopefully week 5 will be better. The weather has been crazy with random flurries, rain, sun, and ice. It’s crazy but beautiful at the same time.

-Ay and Jay

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  1. It’s weeks like this that make you appreciate the good weeks. As for the munchkins , these days will pass quicker than you realize. 🙂

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