Teaching in Alaska Day 84-88

Just finished up the third week of second semester and the momentum is picking up! Highlights of this week: I had my formal observation which I did awesome on, we dissected herring in Aquatics, my students learned how to take core samples of trees, my maritime students are getting better at their AMSEA drills, and it was a short week of instruction because students did MAP testing today. Despite the fact there was no instruction it was a painfully long day. I’d prefer to teach for 6 periods than stare at students look at a computer and take a test. It was a long Friday although I did get some lesson planning done for the following week. BUT now the work week is done and I am looking forward to sledding with Aurora this weekend!

Daily posts for week 3

Day 84: Me: What is the purpose of the nares on a fish?
Student: To breath!

Day 85: It’s a successful day when your students are OK being outside in 14 degree weather only because they’ve successfully collected a core sample of a tree using an increment bore sampler. 

Day 86: “Mrs Brown!? Where are you? All I see is a floating head!” The camo jokes never get old….

Day 87: student storms into the room excitedly. “I heard we’re dissecting herring!!”
“You heard correctly.” I love that my students are excited to be in my class!

Day 88: After a long morning of testing…
Student: I didn’t want to come back today but I did. Because I want to go to college.

If you haven’t checked the weather here in Alaska it’s been pretty cold! Although I’m not in the interior where they’re currently experiencing -50 degree weather, it’s still pretty cold here! We’ve been having around 9 degrees in the morning and then highs in 20’s. Despite how often I tell my students to dress properly since we’ll be outside for class they’re always in sweaters and jeans. Since I had to be outside for the first three morning periods I wore the warmest clothes I had. Which just happened to be camo. Oh well. At least I was warm!

Happy Weekend!

January 20, 2017

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