Teaching in Alaska: Day 169-173

The school year is officially over. It is a bitter sweet feeling knowing this is pretty much the last time I’ll see these kids in my classroom. I will miss them dearly. FInals week was slow since there was a bit of down time once students were done with their finals but some students had studying for other finals, papers to write and missing assignments to turn in. It was also sunny most of the week which didn’t help with student focus.

Overall though, It has been a great year and I’ve grown a lot as an educator. There will be a lot of changes at the school this coming school year, one being that there will be a new principal, another being that I will not be returning to this school district this follow year. We will be moving to another part of Alaska and I will continue teaching. Kodiak has been great for me and I’ve learned a lot and will miss the Island. That being said, we are also looking forward to our new school district and the new adventures that our new location will have to offer!

Daily posts will start up again in August for the 2017-2018 school year!

Daily Posts for the last week of school

Day 169: I love how the yearbook class messes with their teacher….and adjusts photos accordingly for teachers not willing to take their school photo!

Day 170: Tuesdays are usually my difficult day since I lose my prep and have a group of kids for 140 min. But NOT TODAY!! I had one final i the morning then done! Yay for finals week!

Day 171: I’m happy to say that my phone prison will be passed on to another teacher, where she will convert it to Azkaban for her Harry Potter “themed” room!

Day 172: Students last day of school today. No joke. I saw these exact faces as they all ran down the road to crab fest.

Day 173: Hello summer!!!

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