Teaching in Alaska: Day 154-168

These last few weeks have been a super busy time! There has been travel for track so Jay has been away for a few days, Aurora came down with a 5 day stomach bug which Jay got a few days later. Thankfully, Rigel and I didn’t get sick but Rigel was really fussy at night, so he may not have been feeling very good.  We did doctors appointments, motorcycle riding, enjoyed the sun, and played at the park.

This is the last week of school and the kids know it! They’re so distracted but stressed out at the same time. They know finals are right around the corner and are scrambling to get in missing work, finish projects, and do last minute studying to pass their finals.

I took 5 students to Kitoi Bay Hatchery on Afognak Island flying on a beaver (float plane) from Andrew Airways. It took about 30 minutes but we were able to fly over town, see sea lions, seals, and we were lucky enough to see a bear! It was a great experience to see the second largest producing hatchery in the US. They produce Pink, Coho, Sockeye, and Dog Salmon. The smaller hatchery, Pillar Creek Hatchery, produces them all except Pinks, but does produce King/Chinook Salmon.

Daily Posts

Day 154: “Mrs. Brown, I’m so upset! I’ve cried like 4 times today.”
Me: “I’m sorry you can’t keep your ducks….but at least you’ll have visitation rights.”
She’s pretty upset to have to give up her ducks…it will be a hard week I’m sure….she gave them their last bath today…

Day 155: I decided it would be fun to do a couple of sprints with the track team. Lets see how well I can walk tomorrow….the arches of my feet already hurt!

Day 156: Student message from mother: “Ride home with girlfriend. I don’t remember her name.”

Day 157-158: took two personal days to spend with the kids. We’ve been having fun.

Day 159: classes are so much more quiet (and smaller) when the seniors are all gone!

Day 160: my FFA student was super excited to get the passwords and logins for the Kodiak FFA facebook and instagram. I still don’t really know what instagram is….hahaha. but she was thrilled!

Day 161: Senior letter to me…
“Mrs. Brownie, Thank you for dealing with me in your class!! i appreciate your willingness to stay calm. Also try changing it up once in a while and eat a real breakfast 🙂 Sincerely Scotty too Hotty”
I don’t see this student in the morning so really confused as to what he means by eating a real breakfast… I have three eggs and bacon every morning….

Day 162: Beautiful day for a float plane field trip!

Day 163: It’s hard enough to keep kodiak kids in a classroom on a sunny day. It’s even worse if there’s standardized testing on that sunny day…

Day 164: A student left his phone in phone prison. It took him 2 minutes from leaving class before he realized he had left it behind.

Day 165: Student text to me: funny story. Braxton gave me a hug this morning and put his hand on the bobby pins in my hair. and he freaked out because it felt like the adult feathers on my ducklings.

Day 166: “My dog ate my homework” Kodiak Style…
“I woke up at 4am to drive a boat over Anton Larsen Pass for the people I’m fishing for and we were unloading the truck and my back pack got put in the boat by one of the crew. Now my backpack is on its way to a set net site near Larsen Bay.”

Day 167:Today the seniors delivered their senior prank which involved balloons, silly string, zip tying freshman lockers, vaseline on handrails, door knobs, and locker combos, and moving all the furniture to limit easy movement through the school.

Day 168: Officially the last Friday of school for students!!!

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