Teaching in Alaska: Day 149-153

What a wirlwind week! I know this is a weekend late but it’s been crazy! The week started out with an early flight on Ravn Airlines in our third day of trying to make it back home. The weather in Kodiak had been very foggy leading to cancelled flight after cancelled flight. We were tired of staying at the hotel and my girls were running out of money. Then the moment came where we could board the flight! We were trilled.

As we flew closer and closer to home we were starting to see familiar coastline. Then the captain announced that the visibility was down to two miles and the weather hadn’t cleared up like forecasted. We may have to turn around.

Everyones heart sunk. We had all our fingers and toes crossed hoping we would be able to land. It was only 8 am and if we landed we would have to go to school, which was a total bummer, but for me, at least I’d be able to be with my family again. I had my fingers crossed.

Thankfully we were able to land. The fog cleared up just as we prepared to land. The track and soccer team were also able to make it in that day on later flights. We were all happy to be home.

The rest of the week went about as normal with students getting prepared for prom and finishing up the school year. We are down to four more weeks of school with only 2 weeks left for seniors. This semester has gone by extremely fast. I can’t believe the year is almost over!

Daily Posts for Week 16

Day 149: after two days of cancelled flights and 4 boarding passes later, we finally arrived back home!

Day 150: today my student brought a hair drier so she could give her duckies a bath and let them swim. She was thoroughly trilled!

Day 151: today was the last assembly of the year…there was a lot of dancing…but like actual dancing…swing and waltz…and of course a dancing promposal.

Day 152: Today I had to call the front office regarding a spill.
“oh, what got spilled?”
“Just about a gallon of water. Down the stairs. And it’s leaking all over my wall. And student papers below the stairs….No biggie!”

Day 153: I just got approval to take my kids on a field trip to Kitoi Bay hatchery. The mode of transportation? Float plane!


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