Teaching in Alaska: Day 144-148

What an absurdly busy week while attending the Alaska FFA State Convention! Here I thought, “wow, a whole week away from school while my kids attend convention…I’ll be able to get a bunch of lesson planning done”…Boy was I wrong!

Here was the general routine for the whole week
630 wake up call (that was for me…My girls work up at like 430 to do their make up and hair.)
700 depart from hotel
705 Eat breakfast
730 Attend PreSession
800 Morning session
900 CDE, LDE or tours
1200 Lunch
1300 CDE, LDE or tour
1400 Leadership
1730 Dinner
1930 PreSession
2000 Session
2130 Evening activities
2200 Reflections
2230 Depart for hotel

Every. Day. It was such a busy week but it has been such a great learning experience for my students.

They saw where their locally grown Alaska Potatoes come from.

They saw a large scale greenhouse production, the USDA plant materials lab, survival suit races, attended leadership trainings, met people from all over the state, and learned how to step out of their comfort zones.

They competed in Environmental and Natural Resources, Floriculture, and Job Interview Skills. They placed THIRD in Environmental and Natural Resources, and one student won first place on her floral arrangement.

When they were called to the stage for Environmental and Natural Resources I literally yelled  out “holy crap!” I could not believe that they had actually placed! Reason being, they’re not in any of my natural resources classes so I really didn’t expect them to know anything! We did some last minute crash courses before the competition but I really just wanted them to have a great experience, see what FFA was really about, and have an idea of what to focus on for the following year.

They weren’t expecting to place themselves either! They were 20 points away from qualifying for nationals so they have something to prepare for for next year. I could not be more proud of these girls!

One of my students won a leadership award from the leadership and friendship she displayed throughout convention. Could not be more proud of these girls. I hope the experience sticks and it is something that they remember for a life time. I hope they continue to attend FFA and follow their dreams, wherever they may take them.

Day 144: first day on our FFA State adventure!!

Day 145: Making great connections and learning a whole bunch at FFA State Convention.

Day 146: my student was so trilled with visiting a large scale greenhouse! They’re having a blast and learning a lot. They also stood in a warehouse full of potatoes….

Day 147: The game of telephone during leadership training… “Mr. Fox and Mrs. Brown jumped off the stairs”
The statement was supposed to be… “The brown fox jumped over the brown log.”

Day 148: a beautiful day to end FFA state convention. It has been a busy week of competition, learning, and lots of new experiences!

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