Teaching in Alaska: Day 139-143

Down to six more weeks left in the school year!

This was my last week before heading off to Palmer for FFA State Convention! Next week will be a completely new experience for my students and I and we’re really looking forward to it!

This week went by rather slow. I honestly woke up Thursday and thought it was Friday. Even mentioned it to my students. At that point they sort of looked at me funny and were like “uhh Mrs. Brown, today’s Thursday.” I was thoroughly disappointed.

Daily posts for Week 14

Day 139: student 1: ” I didn’t know we had mountain goats on the island! Thats so cool!”
Student 2: “dude, how long have you lived here?”
Student 1: “all my life…I don’t get out much….but yay! School actually did something today! ”
Teaching for the win!

Day 140: A student tried to turn in his phone case, without his phone, into phone prison. I’m insulted that they think I’m stupid and wouldn’t notice….needless to say, his phone ended up in phone prison.

Day 141: today we had a coffee mishap in my room. “Do you still want my paper Mrs. Brown?”…..yes…just not like that….

Day 142: A student letter to Pebble Mine…
“Dear Pebble Mine,
I do believe there are improvements you could make to your already wonderful mine. Though your prestigious establishment is near perfection, there are a few issues that must be addressed before the mine can be put in place.

To begin, the mine must be moved to a country no one really cares about; Canada for example. The entire country could burn and it may make national news if they were lucky. All one must do is take the ore from pebble by simply picking it up in their hands and throwing it into Canada. A simple and easy solution.

Once the ore makes it to Canada, continue with your plan to rape and destroy the land with your dark arts and black magic. As I stated before, no one cares about Canada.”

Day 143: maintenance just finished installing a water fountain in the CTE wing. We no longer have to walk 9 miles to go get water.

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