Teaching in Alaska: Day 134-138

Down to 7 more weeks in the school year! At the end of winter break it felt like the second semester would last an eternity. Maybe it’s because I was kept so busy with cheerleading (and Jay working with track) that the year is zipping by!

The snowing, freezing, and thawing cycle seems to have come to an end. The intermittent sun is no where to be seen. The weather has turned to a perpetual mist, with gray foggy skies, and howling wind. Besides the wind, I find the weather quite pleasant.

There’s something about the fog lingering on the spruce trees that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but I’ve been enjoying the weather.

Unfortunately I’ve been under the weather this week. It seems like a sinus infection is trying to take hold and I’ve been combating it as best I can! Hopefully I kick it to the curb soon!

Daily posts for week 13:

Day 134: student: what? Mrs. Brown. When did you get glasses?
Me: fifth grade.

Day 135: Did you know that herring fart to communicate at night? Well now you do.

Day 136: today was a sad day. We lost a duckling while it was hatching. Not sure why he died but he didn’t make it out of his shell and he hadn’t fully absorbed his yolk. It was sad but a learning experience for my students.

Day 137: the happiness a baby duck can bring. A male student proudly declared that he could die a happy man now that he has held a baby duck. He was euphoric.

Day 138: student: “hmm…duck or Algebra 2?
Apparently these ducks were the best thing I’ve done for these kids!!

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