Teaching in Alaska: Day 129-133

Done with week 9! What?? We only have 8 more weeks of school left and one of those weeks is finals week, so really, we only have 7 more weeks of instruction. Seniors are done two weeks earlier than all other grades so they only have 6 more weeks which means my classes will all become considerably smaller for those last two weeks of school. Not to mention I’ll be out for one whole weak in April for FFA State Convention. Phew!

this week has been absurdly busy, which was good since the week flew by! There was a lot of excitement from our baby ducklings hatching and my Natural Resources classes were fired up about talking about Pebble Mine (click to watch the documentary) and how it could affect our fisheries. We went clamming in sideways rain and snow, we went to ComFish, there was a track meet, a track pasta dinner, and did I mention ducklings??

This year is flying by!

Daily Updates for week 12:

Day 129: Today was busy: I had two guest speakers, someone from Alaska Fish Radio come talk to me about interviewing my kids, Planning for ComFish, scheduling a Clamming field trip, and then regular classes. Phew! Hopefully that means the rest of the week will go by quickly!

Day 130: what gets Alaskan students all fired up? Pebble mine and my new phone prison….

Day 131: A students solution to the tailings that would be created if Pebble Mine were to pass: “we just take all that nasty waste, and throw it in some rockets and launch it at the sun.”

Day 132: today was full of excitement. Between clamming in sideways snow and hatching baby ducks everyone was thoroughly distracted.

Day 133: While at ComFish, a vendor asked my student, “who’s older? You or your teacher?” Why thank you, I’m flattered! 😀

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