Teaching in Alaska: Day 124-128

What an exciting week last week was! I traveled to Anchorage with my cheer team to compete in state competition. We have two male cheerleaders which puts us in a co-ed division, in which 3 other schools competed in.

My kids were really nervous but got most of their jitters out during their regions routine (which they bombed) so they weren’t TOO freaked out. We just wanted to do really well, to stick all their stunts, smile, and stay tight.

They performed and DID AWESOME! As coaches, we could not have been more proud! They were they only team in their division that didn’t drop a stunt, which is a 3 point deduction. There were tears of joy, screaming, and so much happiness. They were really proud of their routine too. One girl was so excited she ran off the mat on the wrong side! It was hysterical! They didn’t even care if they placed, they were just so proud of themselves.

See their routine here: Cheer Competition

The boys basketball team, which was in Anchorage to compete for state as well, even went out to support us. It’s nice to have cheerleaders for once, since we are always the ones cheering people on. The team was really excited that the boys went out to support us.

And somehow, we only have 9 more weeks of school left! What?!?!

Daily Posts:

Day 124: Student: Ugh…I’m not happy to see you…
Me: Thannnkkk. I missed you too.
Guess my student wasn’t ready to come back to school.

Day 125: to Anchorage for Cheerleading State Competition!!! We’re not just sideline cheerleaders

Day 126: today’s the day! We perform at 7:42 Alaska standard time.

Day 127: So proud of my team! They really did awesome. This has, hands down, been the highlight of my week. Watch their awesome routine below!  Did I mention they placed second in the coed division!?!?

Day 128: for some reason I got a ghost hunters book in my Amazon order…do I teach a ghost hunting class that I don’t know about??

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