Teaching in Alaska: Day 119-123

This was the last week before Spring Break! Holy Moly did the time go by fast! I remember coming back from christmas break and being like…oh my goodness…there is so much time until spring break! But the time FLEW by! I don’t even know where the time went!

Somehow Aurora will be 3 this month and Rigel is trying to walk. Say what?? I just had that little bugger!

Did I mention I can’t believe it’s already spring break!? A whole week off! What on earth will I do with myself?!

Daily Posts for week 10

Day 119: Student 1: Shivering outside as we walk into the school.
Student 2: Are you trying to be scary??
Student 1: NO! I’m cold!!
Student 2: oh, I thought you were trying to be a ghost or something.

Day 120: it’s slightly disturbing that I have a student who doesn’t know what a roly poly is. I mean, I grew up collecting these as a kid. How do you not know what a roly poly is?!?!

Day 121: Some of my students enjoyed getting their hands dirty while making simple water filtration systems. It’s awesome that they were able to apply their vocabulary: Infiltration, permeability, and percolation.

Day 122: This week has had too much food. Yesterday a student brought me chai, today another student hunted me down during my prep period to bring me a to-go container full of ‘test food’ for next years cafeteria menu. I’m not complaining that my kids know that feeding me is the way to keep me happy.

Day 123: The high school has been over run by the regions basketball tournament! I’m so very proud of my cheerleaders though! They did an awesome job on part of their state competition routine. It was awesome. And the boys made it to state! Woot Woot!

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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