Teaching in Alaska: Day 114-118

The week after my sickness was a pretty decent week. Most of the time was spent backtracking to reteach what wasn’t taught while I was absent. Unfortunate, yes, but a reality of having a substitute teach your classes.

Daily Posts for week 9:

Day 114: It was nice that my students missed me while I was gone and even concerned that I had been so sick. They’re all just so sweet!

Day 115: bluefish and red? Why not just call it purple?

Day 116: I had a student filming himself with a frozen herring….I’m very interested to see the outcome of this student project….

Day 117: really excited that we got our incubator set up today! We have 12 duck eggs that will hatch in approximately 28-35 days, depending the breed. The kids are totally hoping their ducks imprint on them…

Day 118: I’ve added to my classroom critter collection. I now have meal worms as well. These guys will be nice little treats for our ducklings!

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