Teaching in Alaska: Day 109-113

Sigh….The best laid plans of mice and men….This week was supposed to be a GOOD week….granted, I guess things could be worse (things can always be worse) but I was not expecting this.

Monday I woke up with a slight sore throat. Ok, no big deal. By lunch time I was starting to realize it was going to become a big deal. I could feel my right gland swelling up and becoming increasingly sore. My eyes had begun to hurt and I had to dim the lights in my room. I started getting a migraine, something I only ever get when I’m going to get really sick. I started getting cold and had to put my jacket on for the rest of the day. I was hoping this would be a quick 24-48 hour bug like I’ve experienced before and figured “If i rest up now I’ll be better soon.”

I didn’t go to cheer practice so I could go home and rest. I drank tea and had chicken soup. By late evening I was feeling completely horrible but I did have Jay get me NyQuil so I could at least get a good nights rest. I figured I’d sleep it off and be able to go back to work the next day.

Fast forward to about 5 am where I have a fever of 103.8 F, a horrible migraine, and a painfully swollen tonsil…yeah, I’m not going to work. I wake up to put my absence into to work and submit my lesson plans and then try to go back to sleep. That’s short lived because Aurora woke up shortly after that and although she laid in bed with me for maybe 30 minutes I ultimately had to drag by groggy self out of bed and downstairs until Jay came home work. Thank goodness it was only about 40 minutes before he came home. At least Rigel slept well. Once Jay came home and I ate a few scrambled eggs I went back to bed. I actually slept most of Tuesday but unfortunately that didn’t help much.

Continue this trend up until Thursday where eventually I give up, figure my body isn’t handling it very well, and schedule a 9:30am doctors appointment. Dr. Google suggests I have strep throat since I have no cold like symptoms: no cough, sneezing, runny nose, or mucus of any kind. Apparently the more cold like symptoms that are associated with a sore throat the less likely it is to be strep. So Dr. Google suggests strep. Awesome.

Go to the Dr. and they run a rapid Strep Test which comes back negative. But they still prescribe me antibiotics (I won’t go off on a rant about antibiotic resistant bacteria or the fact that if it is viral antibiotics won’t work…). SO, I’m just assuming (and I’m guessing the Dr. is too) that it is bacterial and it just didn’t show up on the rapid strep test. The nurse had said that already that day she had see a case of the flu, the Kodiak Crud, and a case of strep. So it’s all going around like crazy. Now I just hope my babies don’t get any of that!

Well after some much needed rest, 48 hours of antibiotics, lots of soup, gargling with salt water (like all the time), I feel CONSIDERABLY better! It’s still relatively unpleasant to swallow or eat anything but my head doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode and I don’t feel like falling over every time I stand up. I can actually carry my babies today and have the energy to play with them and change Rigel’s diapers! I know Jason’s happy about that 😀

A few of my students even text me asking me where I was and if I was ok. Some even reported on the efficiency of the subs. I have great kids. Even if they do get me sick.

To a better week next week!

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