Alaska teaching

Teaching in Alaska Day 104-108

This was an awesome week with only three days of instruction and two days of inservice for teachers. This was one of the most productive inservices I’ve been to yet. We had a lot of building time to discuss items that needed addressing as well as department time to work on unit scales. I attended a variety of sessions such as

  •  how to incorporate games into the classroom
  • using inquiry based instruction
  • project based learning
  • using PE as a form of RTI
  • effective classroom management skills

I learned a lot and already started to incorporate some of these techniques into my classroom.  Other things that came up were items like fidgets and fidget boxes. These items are there to help students self regulate and/or calm down if they need to. Overall though, it was a pretty awesome inservice!

Daily posts for week 7

Day 104: I really think that hands on learning is the way to go!! Learning about soil texture and the components of soil. We also played with my composting red wiggler worms.


Day 105: This is how we roll. Field trips Alaska style.

Day 106: Day 106: Nothing like getting your hands dirty. My students separated our worms from their compost and fed them culinary kitchen scraps. Some worms were sacrificed to feed the biology classroom Axolotl. The compost will be used to amend our sandy loam soil for spring planting.

Day 107: I am truly amazed at the wonderful ways my co-workers teach, implement new techniques, and keep our students engaged.

Day 108: Kinsey, it was super fun playing with mealworms with you…. in case everyone was wondering, they move slightly less when placed on yellow paper.