Summer Job

We have officially begun our summer job and are greatly enjoying it! At our location the work is very simple. But it is great just being able to be outside all day, in the mountains and watch all the wildlife come back as the weather gets better every day.

We have seen elk, deer, beavers, chipmunks, squrrels, black billed magpies, and today, we saw a tiny hummingbird (about the size of a baby’s fist) try and fly into our window! I think the reflective tint had him slighly confused as he gently prodded his beak into the glass.

Do you see him watching you?

We have also seen some wildlife we have never seen before! We had a great photo shoot with a moth, that at first we thought was a hummingbird. Appropriately, he is named a White-lined Sphinx hummingbird Moth! He was a very meaty moth and flapped his wings constantly (like a hummingbird!). I don’t know how its little heart survived!



If I were an insectivore, this would be an entire meal! It was great just following this little guy from dandelion to dandelion and he sucked up all their nectar! He was a great subject. We look forward to the other wildlife that will show up as well as hiking around the Eagles Nest Wilderness which is not too far away. Also, the possible visit of a black bear would be very exciting!

-Ay and Jay

May 21, 2012

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