Storage anyone?

So back in December of 2011 when Jay and I initially began our travels, we down sized. A lot! But somehow, there always seems to be accumulation…

Since we have yet to set up a home base our materialistic lives are in boxes. Lots of boxes.

Almost everything though has a use. We have books. Lots of books. Clothes, kitchen plates, utencils, glasses etc. Some cool chairs we bought for $20 at Goodwill (just couldn’t pass them up!



I have art supplies, Jay has camping gear and useful tools. It adds up. My hope though is that once a home base is set up, I will look around the house and think its empty. Crossing my fingers.


Hopefully this will be the last long haul with all our stuff. Unless it’s for greener pastures, then we really can’t complain!

Safe travels everyone!
-Ay and Jay

April 29, 2013

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