I don’t think we really realizes how small we are on this planet until we stand next to a GIGANTIC tree! And that is just how I felt when I was able to stand next to some Oregon Redwood’s and Douglas Fir’s.


These trees where so big! I’ve never seen such big trees! They are so big around you can’t wrap your arms all around and so tall you can barely see the tops! It was such a spectacle to see and it wasn’t even in their most dense quantities! This is the most northern reach of the Redwood population but they still grow big and tall!

You can really get a good perspective when the trees have fallen onto the path and are then cut, exposing the growth rings and diameter. (I wish I had taken a ruler…) These were at least 6 feet across. They could have been more but they sure where bigger than me!


Such a sight to see, really is…

           I think even the dog realized how small she was compared to these giants! She sure did enjoy the hike through the nice cool forest. I don’t think her nose stopped moving from all the smells. She crashed once we made it back to the van.

Not far from this hike is a Myrtlewood Grove…

It’s actually where we parked the van and walked to the connecting trail. The trailhead we started at was located in Aflred A. Loeb State Park. But if you don’t want to walk through the Myrtlewood stands you can continue driving past the state park and there will be a sign (first picture in post) located on your left (if coming from West).

Happy Trails!

-Ay and Jay

August 11, 2012

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