I consider myself a pretty minimalistic parent. We don’t have the house cluttered in toys and the toys that we do have, we try and gear them towards imagination and STEM learning.

Last year, Aurora’s Grandma Liz bought her some Playmags. If you don’t know what Playmags are they’re pretty much squares and triangles with magnets in the sides that allow you to build things. There are many different brands and we’ve tried some others at friends houses but we like the Playmags the best since the magnet seems the strongest. We also don’t really like the rounded edges of some of the other brands. There are also Magna-Tiles, which are much more expensive, but supposedly have a stronger magnet. We haven’t tried these but I would suggest any magnetic tile since they’re just so awesome!

           magnetic tiles          magnetic tiles

This, by far, has to be Aurora’s favorite toy. We put it in her room for nap time…cough cough…it’s more like quiet time since sometimes she decides not to take a nap….Sometimes she makes something and then climbs in bed and goes to sleep. Either way, when nap time/quiet time is over, we go into her room and she has created some magnificent structures!

 See her sleeping?

Her creations have ranged from simple present boxes (one for mama, dada, Aurora, and Rigel) to more intricate castles with high towers or free standing edges. We started taking pictures of her unique creations and can only imagine what she’s created and torn down during the duration of nap time/quiet time.

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We love this toy and hope to expand her set soon. They even have add ons, like letters that snap into the empty spaces (great for learning ABC’s), and even chassis to make structures on wheels (think train car). It’s incredible what’s out there for add ons but we’re quite happy with the basic set!

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These are so fun and I hope to keep adding to her structure portfolio…who knows, maybe she’ll be an engineer or architect when she grows up!

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