Packing, packing, and more packing!

Boxes, and packing, and packing paper, and bubble wrap…. that has been the sum of my days for the past week. If you’ve ever moved before you have felt my pain… unfortunately, the logistics of planning a move off of an island in Alaska are pretty terrible, but we’ve figured it out and things seem to be falling into place.

Aurora Package!

We’ve been slowly packing but in the last three days we have kicked it into high hear. We board our ferry in two days with all our earthly belongings and embark on our new adventure!

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We are moving to a new part of Alaska for a new teaching position. Although our time in Kodiak has been awesome, we’re looking forward to a smaller community and new scenery.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have sold all our our larger items so that we don’t have to move with them! Woohoo!! I can hear my back thanking me…. We sold our awesome, home-made table.

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We sold our dip/chin up machine, our bench, our bedroom set, couch, recliner, and lots of outgrown baby items. We spent almost two days strictly stalking our Facebook post as people continually commented wanting to come see the items or pick them up. By Wednesday we were exhausted and realized that we still had a bunch of packing to do. The last few days have been spent organizing items to the best of our abilities, tossing them into boxes and taping them up.

Aurora has been excited about the entire move and has enjoyed packing up her toys and labeling her boxes.

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She’s even handled the selling of furniture well! She’s just like “that’s not our mesa (table) anymore. That’s somebody else’s mesa. This is somebody else’s casa (house).” Bottom line, she’s excited about our move!

And then there’s Rigel. He’s just happy all around and has been handling confinement pretty well. Unfortunately he hasn’t had free range of the living room like he would normally have, simply because of all the boxes and items still needing to be packed.

Happy even in confinement

Once we get settled we will have a bunch of pictures of our trip to share. Cross your fingers the weather is good and that we have a smooth trip to our new home!

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