Pacific Crest Trail Plans

So we’re not sure how it actually came up about us doing the PCT. I think it may have started out with Jay saying that he had always wanted to do it but had never had a chance to. And me, being up to do anything and never having heard of the PCT, said it sounded like a great idea and that we should hike the PCT when I was done with school.

So a little bit of background on the PCT. In a nut shell it is a hike from the Mexico-California border all the way to Canada (about 2 miles in). If you’ve ever looked at a map you know its a really long walk!It’s about 2,650 miles which takes about 4-6 months depending how fast you walk and how many days you take off to rest.  It travels through three states; California, Oregon, and Washington, passing through incredible state parks and forrests.

If you’d like to do some more reading on the PCT you can follow this link to do some more research:

There are also wonderful trail journals  which you can find at:

So Jay and I immediately started doing research on previous hikers, gear we would need, if we could take our dog on the trail, and about a million other things that involved the hike. Like what would we do with our stuff? How much money would we need for six months of food? What were we going to do when we were done with the trail? Was I going to go to grad school or find a job? There were so many aspects to think about we began to get a bit discouraged thinking our dreams of taking some time off for a life experience were being pushed away from us.

Then all of a sudden, after some very enthusiastic and supportive conversations with professors and even the dean of my university, the PCT was on full speed ahead! We again started looking at gear, actually set up a complete gear list, and I began to contact more and more possible sponsors. We set up a budget so that we could set up our trip and so far things have been looking good.

We’ve been trying to slim down by trying to keep only the necessities. We’ve each been making sacrifices by selling things that we don’t really need so that we can have some money for things that we do need, like food! Although the trip is still about a year away, we figured the more planning we can do now, the less chance there is of something going wrong (even though it’s very likely something goes wrong or not according to plan!). We’re hoping everything goes smoothly and that we get a lot of support.


April 4, 2014

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