Oregon Waterfalls

So today Jay and I went to go see the waterfalls! Woke up at 6 am to beat the crowds and it was worth it! It was a bit foggy but the waterfalls where still incredibly wonderful!

First we went to see Shepperd’s Dell which was not as big and fancy as the other ones, but still worth the stop! Magnificently beautiful.

          After Shepperd’s Dell we came across Bridal Veil. It was about a .2 mile walk down to the falls. It was very nice. There was a rocky beach area where we saw someone swimming in it. Not sure if that was allowed but it looked like a very refreshing dip!

                    It seemed like the further down we went on the road the larger the waterfalls got. And as the day progressed, the more people who showed up to the falls!


It was so misty from the wind blowing the water that it was difficult to get a clear picture without water on the camera lens! This was a soggier area as the bridge over the falls was considerably muddier than the previous falls. During the walk to the falls though we did encounter an interesting little critter. A banana slug!

          Now Jay wears a size 11 shoe so this is about the largest slug I’ve ever seen! It was pretty interesting though, he was just trudging along! We also saw one stuck to a tree and another in a hollowed out tree trunk. It looked like they were both sleeping. But I’m not sure if banana slugs sleep… But this seems to be a great environment for them with plenty of moisture, lush green vegetation for them to crawl around in and not too much human traffic!

Then we encountered Multnomah falls. This is by far the most impressive of the falls. You can hike to the bridge, about .2 miles or you can decide to continue and hike to the top of the falls, about 1 mile. We decided to just go as far as the bridge.

 When we first arrived, at about 10 am, there were very few people. When we left, about an hour later, it was packed! There were tour busses that had arrived, families on vacation and a variety of locals just visiting. This was the most impressive water fall and we greatly enjoyed it!

And the last water fall we saw, but not the least, was Horsetail Falls


All great waterfalls but I would suggest that you get an early start on the site seeing! The later in the day you wait to get started the more people and more cluttered the area will be.

Happy travels!