Oregon Interior

After a quick escape from dusty Nevada we entered Oregon. Oregon is beautiful and we had great weather.

Since we had already set the tent up in daylight, and it wasn’t difficult at all, we figured we’d push along as far into Oregon as we could before we set up camp. It started to get much later than we would like and had to set the tent up in the dark. Something about Oregon, especially the Oregon coast, is that there are not many places that allow dispersed camping. And since this time around we have a baby along with us, we decided it was best to not call any undue attention to ourselves.

We ended up finding a campground in Klamath Falls National Forest and set up camp. It was a beautiful spot that had a river and we ended up sleeping really well.

Oregon CampingAnd then of course the little one had a great time too!

Toddler Love

-Ay and Jay

January 17 2016

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