Moving Again!

2 years ago today we had our last camping spot in the lower 48 before driving into Canada. Aurora was 16 months when we did the long haul drive from Arizona to Anchorage. Now, in a little over a week, we will get on a ferry and move, yet again, to another part of Alaska!

We won’t be camping along the way but will be on the ferry for a few days. And instead of one child, we now have 2! How quickly life can chance! We are hopeful that this is our last move and we’re looking forward to the wonderful new opportunities our home will have to offer!

We’ve got a good amount of stuff packed up, have posted items for sale and are really excited for the change!

One thought on “Moving Again!

  1. Wishing you safe travels and know that Kodiak High School was blessed to have you for two years! Thank you for all you did to inspire not just your students, but also others who were fortunate to have you in their lives. Looking forward to learning about your family’s next adventures!

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