Mount Hood Oregon

With little time left before my brothers wedding in August, Jay and I decided to move along again. We left Idaho to continue traveling. Today we made it to Mount Hood, Oregon. And wow, once we passed the dry areas in Washington and Oregon, it turned into a lush, moss-covered wonderland!

           It was a pretty dull drive until we started getting further west. Then it turned green!

          Although we couldn’t do the trail this year, we plan to do it sometime in the future. I won’t live my life saying “darn, we shoulda done the PCT….” Especially with such great scenery!

And then, while driving down the road, this giant mountain pops up out of nowhere!

Who knew a volcano could look so pretty! Hi Mount Hood!

 So we decided to drive up the mountain! Jay had been there before so he knew how to get there pretty easy and he wanted to visit Timberline Lodge.

There is still Skiing/Snowboarding on Mount Hood because the lodge up there has the mountain open year round. Timberline Lodge (Which was used in the filming of the Shinning) was pretty impressive. And although not very high (about 6,000 ft) it is still considerably colder! Well duh! That’s why there’s still snow!


It really is insane how moss-covered everything is though! The roads are lined with wildflowers where the trees haven’t grown and where there are trees, they are so close together it’s hard to see through the mass! And the waterfalls…Can’t wait to see the waterfalls! That’s on tomorrows agenda! But the ones on the side of the road are great!

-Ay and Jay

July 27, 2012

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