Motorcycle Adventures: Learning to Ride

In September of 2016 we got a TW200 motorcycle. We live on a small Island with a good amount of off road trails and this motorcycle fit the bill for an off/on road environment. Jay’s ‘reason’ for the motorcycle purchase was that ‘it’ll be a good hunting vehicle.’ He even had examples of people who used them for hunting, how we could mount a gun case to it, and that it would be more fuel efficient than our truck for quick grocery trips.

Well, I couldn’t argue, especially since my dad had a motorcycle and I always loved riding with him. So we bought the motorcycle. Jay quickly spray painted it, added a rack, a gun case, and fully outfitted it to go hunting.

Well, that was last year. And then it snowed. And melted. And froze. And snowed, melted, and froze some more. It made for a long, wet, frozen winter with no motorcycle riding.

This car is temporarily frozen into a (very deep) puddle of ice…

Over spring break I passed my written test so that I could go practice in empty parking lots with Jay supervising.  Last week we got a break in the weather where our driveway was defrosted enough to get the TW out to the road. It was time for my first real lesson.

I had some basic practice under my belt since last year where I could go up into second gear but I hadn’t ever had a safe place to practice with a good stretch of road. Jay wanted me to practice starting and stopping since I was pretty jerky on the clutch.

I was excited to get back out there the next day…but alas…more snow…just enough to be too slippery to practice on. But now, the sun is shinning and it looks promising for this weekend to continue my lessons.

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