Millers Surplus

Since we left Florida Jay has mentioned that there are no more good Army Navy surplus stores. That all changed when Jay and I found Miller’s Surplus.

It had absolutely everything from paracord, to military gas cans. It had Carhartts, Dickies, Nalgene bottles, Coleman camping stoves, Lodge cast iron pans, knives, bumper stickers, tents, boots, pins, hats, and an incredible variety of Army Navy surplus.


I’m pretty sure that Miller’s has every pin possible, because there was more than one case like this! And they sure did have  a lot of pins! If you’re looking for something in terms of Army Navy surplus I’m sure Miller’s has it! And there prices were very reasonable. About what you would find online if not cheaper (for most items, not all).

Happy travels!

-Ay and Jay

February 25, 2012

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