Since Jay use to live in Oregon he knows a few of the local places and good areas to go visit. One of those places in McMenamins. The one mentioned specifically in this post is Edgefield.


McMenamins Edgefield use to be an old Poor Farm. The people that “lived” at Edgefield where there as labor hands to work the 300+ acres of farm land. Over the years Edgefield experienced the Great Depression, WWII, and in 1982 it locked up its doors.

Once closed, it became the target of vandals and theives. Everything was stolen or covered in graffiti. Thus the county set up a date for its demolition. Thats where the McMenamins brothers step in. Instead of allowing Edgefield to be demolished, they purchased the old poor farm.

In 1990 the McMenamins brothers opened the winery at Edgefield. The following year the brewery opened, followed by eight rooms for lodging. Now there is a movie theater, a complete hotel, an herb garden, a spa, a venue for outdoor music, glass blowing, and just a large variety of people enjoying what use to be a dilapidated old poor farm.


This of course is all cool and dandy, but what McMenamins is really known foor is their beers and their wines. They are made at the facilities and are always unique. If given the chance, stop at a McMenamins and have their cajun fries (with ranch). They’re delicious!

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          Oh and by the way, we came across this giant plant at Edgefield. I could use it as my personal umbrella! It was soo big! Of course it had spikes along the stem and underneath its giant leaves. But cool none the less!

-Ay and Jay

August 2, 2012

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