Huarache Update

A little update on how my huaraches have held up. So after about 3 months of running around in my huaraches (literally) the cord finally broke. The worst part was that it happened while I was in Mexico while on my research trip. It broke right under the sole, in between the toes. It was not a complete break but I could see the center cords showing though. The other cord was on the brink of breaking as well so it was time for some new laces!

Honestly, I can’t complain. I really did ‘use and abuse’ my huaraches. I wore them all day every day, and that included running in them on the dirt and grass. Not to mention that the one week in Mexico that I spent climbing up and down rocks! That put a lot of pressure on the cord. I know, because I could feel it pulling in between my toes (wet feet didn’t help the sliding)! I noticed they needed some attention while on this remote island. Thankfully, I had some ‘emergency’ paracord in the handy form of a bracelet!


In less than 15 minutes I was able to pull out the old paracord, unwind my continuous 10 feet of new paracord, and restring my huaraches. The bracelet was a very comfortable and convenient form to carry extra paracord because it wasn’t in a suitcase somewhere and didn’t get tangled on things or any of that other hassle. I had it right there on my wrist for whenever, wherever I may need it.

Surprisingly enough, another student also had some footwear issues! Her flip flops decided this was their last trip. Her right flip flop pulled out on one of the sides making them useless. She was able to do a quick patch up that lasted only one trip down the rocky slope. Her shoes didn’t see the end of the trip. Even with my shoe issues, it was easily repairable with some simple paracord and preparedness!

Oh yeah, I had to make another bracelet when I got home. Just in case!

-Ay and Jay

September 7, 2011

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