How to get a Sponsor

So we realize that this trip is going to cost money. One way to lower this cost is to get sponsors. Very rarely do sponsors give money away. Instead they give out their product such as shoes, backpacks,  water filters, food, etc. or whatever else they may specialize in. In return, these sponsors hope that their name gets out into the world so that they can build up their clients and get more customers.

Unless you’re some hot shot athlete, the chances of you getting sponsored by, lets say, Nike, are slim to none. Realizing this, we decided to target smaller companies that haven’t yet made it big in the world. We figured we’d have a better chance of at least getting a reply back as to whether they would be willing to sponsor us.

To do this we contacted the company directly either through their customer service section or marketing reps. Most people know that you don’t get something for nothing. Instead we have to sell ourselves. Why should this company sponsor us and invest money and gear with us? Best way to market yourself is offer to give them something in return such as photos of you with their product so they can use them for their marketing.

So far we’ve had an array of replies from possible sponsors:

  • We would like to sponsor you but get back to us when it’s a bit closer to your departure date
  • No sorry, we can’t sponsor you but thanks for trying!
  • Maybe, we’ll think about it.

So even though I’ve had way more No’s than Yes’s, I figure if I keep trying I’m likely to at least get a handful of sponsors. The more times I try the better my chances right? Isn’t that statistics, or do they call it gambling now?

We’ll keep you posted on our sponsors.

-Ay and Jay

April 4, 2011

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