Hiking with Toddlers

One of my favorite activities to do in Alaska when the sun is shining is to go for a hike! But hiking with kids isn’t climbing up mountains or traversing rivers…it’s more of a slow stroll through the forest.

Tips for hiking with a toddler…

  1. Go slow
  2. Use everything as a learning/teaching moment
  3. Have a comfy carrier: for you and baby
  4. Take snacks and water for longer trips
  5. Wear the appropriate gear

I let Aurora (3yo) walk and enjoy picking everything up. I use as many opportunities as teaching moments. She knows what moss and lichens are, spruce cones, the ocean, barnacles, kelp, and sea shells. We try not to let the rain stop us and dress appropriately for those days with rain gear!

Since Rigel isn’t really walking, and even if he did, it would be painfully slow, the best thing for trekking around is a comfy carrier. I love my wraps but we also have a soft structured carrier, which is Jay’s go-to since it’s easy to buckle. We also have a Kelty Carrier backpack which would be more suitable for longer hikes but I still love my wraps. They’re so supportive and keep my baby close.

Living in the rainy portion of Alaska, it’s important to have the right rain gear! We all have rain boots, pants, and jackets. The Kids have muddy buddies, or coverall suits to keep the mud and rain off. This way, they can still enjoy themselves with cruddy weather.

I love getting Aurora outside. It wears her out, she learns a lot, and isn’t scared to get dirty. It also gives her free reign of her environment, which she absolutely loves. She gets to make decisions, like which way to go on the trail, or which shells she gets to take home. We have our fingers crossed for more sun and less wind so we can get out and hit the trails!

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