Forward with our Plans!

Finally our van plans can continue! Initially this was going to be a truck bed conversion. We quickly realized that this setup, as organized as it may be, would be very tight for two people and a dog. From there a van conversion was considered and then Jay went full circle. We then considered an RV or a box truck, or maybe just a pull behind trailer. And then we finally settled on the van (again).

Unfortunately, the circumstances that allowed us the opportunity to purchase this van where not the happiest. A family member passed away who was the owner of this van. He took incredible care of the vehicle and also used it to travel. Part of our travels will be dedicated to the Erdely family so that they can see the van travel the country.

So the “new to us” van is a Ford E-150 V-8. Although it was a loved van, it’s in need of some TLC and adjustments to suit our traveling purposes! The steps below the doors will be coming off, the two passenger seats in the back will be taken out along with the custom cabinets (we tried to make them work but couldn’t) and the van will be cleaned top to bottom! There are also some rust spots around the gutter that need to be sanded out and filled in.

Jay checking the oil







So a lot of work ahead of us. We will be posting more often now to keep everyone updated on the conversion. Still working on the layout, a few things still need to be decided on but it’s coming along!

-Ay and Jay

October 14, 2011

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