Fort Collins, Colorado

Recently Jay and I were able to go to Fort Collins. Initially we went up becuase an outdoor store was going out of business so we went to check it out. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck at the sale but we did enjoy the city very much.

The old down town area is very quaint, a college town, but very well maintained, colorful, with a large variety of stores and interests. Overall though, people were very nice, offering suggestions as to what we should visit while staying in Fort Collins. There is also a great variety of different businesses. So far, the best city we have visited! And every shop has flyers of what is going on in town…

First we came across a cute coffee shop/book store, The Bean Cycle, with $2 cups of coffee. They had a free book section and a variety of different books from organic farming, to antique collectors items.


There was also a great custom jewelry store called Darvier with a great owner named Tim. He was very talkative and his employes were nice and helpful, suggesting hiking trails in the area while describing their jewelry process. Since most of these rings are custome, I did not feel it was appropriate to take pictures, but they are unique and beautiful!

Later, Tim suggested a really cool bike place that made bicyles out of bamboo! We were like what?!?! Bamboo bikes? That’s different… So we took a short walk and came to Panda Bicycles.



The bikes are hand made (as you can see from the picture) from Bamboo grown in Mexico. The T-shirts are cotton, and made and printed in the USA. The bikes can be custom made and you really are paying for a unique bike, service, and excellent customer service!

Overall, an icredible old down town with kind, helpful people with unique ideas. We highly suggest that if you can visit, you do. Its a great town to experience. And although our time was limited, we were told on COUNTLESS occassions to visit the breweries! Beer! Apparently Fort Collins is the city of 3B’s. Beer, Bikes, Babes. And its true. A lot of beer, a ton of bikes, and girls, I guess, since you are in a college town (sorry, we weren’t checkin’ any out!)

-Ay and Jay

March 5, 2012

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