Devils Churn

Driving down the Oregon coast offers many pull offs and scenic viewing points. Jay and I like to stop at as many as we can. Besides, it not like we have somewhere to be! But if you are on a time constraint, I highly suggest visiting Devils Churn.

If you have time, walk to the bottom. If its low tide, you are allowed to walk on the rocks and listen to the power of the water as it smashes against the rocks.

          Picture on the left is what you see from the parking lot. If you walk down, the picture on the right is what you see. If you walk all the way to the end you can actually walk along the far side, which is where Jay and I found great tide pools!


That entire tide pool to the left is filled with anemones! It is green because when all the anemones are open, they have a green color. You can actually touch these without being stung. You will feel it slightly attach to your skin, almost like velcro, but will do no harm otherwise. (If you have delicate skin though, I’m not sure how you might react, so do so with caution).

We were even lucky to see a little, well not so little, sea star nestled in between the anemones in the tide pool.

This particular pool was over on the far side of Devils Churn but was very worth the walk. Wear thick-soled shoes as the rocks are very sharp. Take water if you go in warmer parts of the day because there is little to no shade once you make it to the rocks.

Overall though, a beautiful experience and much worth the time and walk.

-Ay and Jay

August 10, 2012

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