City Escape

Living in the city, or even the suburbs, can sometimes be really hectic. It can be very difficult to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic, ringing phones, radios, television, and simply the norm of everyday routine. Some people have an escape to a remote location that they can go visit for a weekend travel. Fortunately I found something similar but much closer to home. My university has a nice garden that hardly anyone visits. It’s a great place to get away and very quite. You can sit and listen to the birds singing, a small fountain running (sounds like a small creek) and enjoy being surrounded by green.

There is a great variety of flowers and plants and its great to simply get away. I was actually fortunate enough to be photographing this flower when I heard something scurrying under my feet. I assumed it was the common lizards that usually crawl around Florida so payed no attention. A few seconds later I heard the leaves rustle again near the same area. This time I look down and I see a lizard with something fleshy wiggling out of its mouth. It had to have been some worm or another lizard hanging out of this animals mouth. As soon as I bent down to take a picture of it the lizard quickly swallowed the remains of his meal and quickly darted off. It was a great experience, small, but very different from the normal every day life. I also stood and watched a moth for a few minutes as it looked for a satisfactory flower to feed on.

It’s hard to break away from the routine and we constantly make excuses. I’m too tired, it’s too late, I have to wake up early, there’s nowhere exciting to go see…etc. We have to break away from that mentality and realize that there are little areas such as a garden or a forest preserve that are usually unvisited but very much inhabited by an array of different creatures. Sit and listen to the birds, or watch a centipede’s legs as it walks across the ground. If that’s not something you like then just get outside and breathe the fresh air. Get in the sun, visit the river, go for a snorkel, lay in the grass, forget about the troubles of life and just enjoy your moment of peace.

-Ay and Jay

April 8, 2011

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