Canning: Spruce Tip Jelly

Did you know that spruce tips were even a thing? My mom sure didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned Spruce Tip Jelly.

Spruce tips are the new growth of a spruce tree and show up as bright green shoots on the ends of their branches. Most people around conifers have probably seen this new growth and not even known what it was called.

Spruce tips are high in vitamin C and were historically made into spruce tip beer to combat scurvy for long journeys while at sea. You can still find spruce tip beer and other spruce related items such as spruce tip couch syrup and tea. I’ve munched on them while walking home from work and they go nicely in a spring salad. It also made the house smell nicely of spruce (duh) which made it seem like Christmas time was right around the corner.

I was surprised that my spruce tip jelly didn’t taste as ‘Christmas tree’ like as I thought it would. Instead, it tasted lightly of lemon, probably due to the high vitamin C content. It also didn’t turn out green! Either way, it’s delicious. Next time I’ll brew the tea longer than I did, in an effort to get more spruce flavor into the jelly.

This is the recipe I used for my low sugar Pomona’s Pectin. Spruce Tip Jelly Recipe 

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