Biosphere 2

If ever near Tucson, go see Biospher 2. You have already seen part of Biosphere 1 considering you live on it! Earth is biosphere 1 so biosphere 2 was (and still is) a scientific experiment to mimic the large biomes found on our Earth. This was initially a closed environment in an attempt to create a closed environment that could possibly survive on another planet.


Overall, the experiment did not succed as planned due to carbon dioxide issues. The facility is still used for various scientific experiments in order to better understand our planet. It is also open for public tours. The amount of the ticket goes to local school field trips so that they can visit Biosphere 2.

Grassland experiment

Students from University of Arizona can work with professors on experiments conducted at Biosphere 2. This is a great opportunity for younger students too which can do presentations in their high school or even grade school.

Biosphere 2 “Ocean”

This ocean acts as a carbon sink. For the initial experiment this was a crucial part of the system since biosphere 2 was completely closed off to outside elements. The crew had to survive 2 years with only the plants and animals they had in the biosphere system.


Although the initial experiment may not have gone as planned a lot was learned and continues to be learned. If you get the chance, try and visit, or if not, just read up and learn more about the program!

-Ay and Jay

February 27, 2012

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