A New Adventure

It is with a not so heavy heart that we say goodbye to our home for the last two years. We say bye to good friends and familiar places, but there are new adventures to be had!

It’s an interesting thing, the way life twists and turns and gives you different opportunities. Life changes so quickly and goes by so fast. Within the last two years alone, Jay and I have moved cross country (again), said goodbye to Walden, purchased Walden II, and had a baby! I completed my masters degree, got my first teaching job, and made some life long friends. But there are also some life changes that are not that great such as the loss of our beloved Tawny. Part of this journey takes us back to the familiar Oregon beaches she loved so much so that we can spread her ashes.


When Jay and I started this blog way back when, we had no idea where our life would take us next. Our new adventures take us to uncharted territory. Alaska. The last frontier! We are both nervous but mainly excited! We have both had itchy feet for quite some time but the comfort of the familiar and the need for a steady source of income (we totally have a baby we need to look after) kept us in Arizona for longer than we expected. Ultimately, it was a good decision to stay but there is little that comes close to the thrill of an unfamiliar adventure!

Goodbye Home!
Goodbye Home!

We packed up our home, said goodbye to the familiar space we have become so accustomed to, and got back on the road. We drive to our new destination where we will live in a traditional structure (gasp! No wheels?!) and I will work at the local high school. We are extremely excited for this new opportunity and looking forward to the new adventures we will have. We now have a little person which we get to share these adventures with. I’m not sure how easy it will be traveling with a toddler but she’s been a trooper so far so I’m hoping for the best.

I feel like the nomad of my family. The one who has moved away the furthest and has met life head on. When I tell them “I’m moving to Alaska” they exclaimed “Alaska?!” but, then they realize, it’s me, and it doesn’t really surprise them. I want to embrace new and challenging opportunities everyday and I have missed the excitement of travel. We’ve missed truck stops and new roads. Although we are only moving, and not hitting the road for good, I believe that this new home will have so much more to offer than our previous. We hope that it will fulfill our need for the outdoors, adventure, water, trees, and a supportive community. So Alaska, here we come!!!


-Ay and Jay

August 8, 2015

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